About Kim and John

By Viskjo

I first met the John in 1993 when I downsized my home and moved to a townhouse in Lawrenceville. Gemstone Cleaners was part of a small strip mall that bordered the entrance to the complex. There were the usual stores – a pizzeria, a bank, a bakery, and a deli, so I decided to give to them a try. The store was clean, neat, and I noticed some reproductions of painting on the walls. I thought that was a nice touch. John smiled and welcomed me to their establishment, I have always been fussy and particular about my clothes. Proper hems and tailored sleeves, starch and check all buttons. I used to do my own alterations, but now as a newspaper reporter, I didn’t have the time. Besides Kim was such a superb seamstress, I could hardly compete with her expertise. I was so pleased with their handiwork, I would never dream of going to any other dry cleaning service.

Recently, John celebrated 26 years in this country; they smile as they tell me that they emigrated from Seoul, South Korea. As the parents of two daughters, they are the hardest working couple I have ever met. Kim sews from sunrise to sunset. Her tiny frame always bent over a sewing machine. On the wall are nearly 100 spools of thread. She will surely find you a match.

Now located at 2144 Route 130 North, Suite 16, Bordentown. Not only does John deliver, he also repairs shoes, so you will always be well-heeled. Early Sunday morning, he can be seen watching the sunrise and photographing plans and flowers. These photos simply elegant. And John is always looking for new ways to improve his business. I noticed that the plastic garment bags were heavier, and easier to use. The hangers were also sturdier.

A few years ago, John was among the first dry cleaners to introduce Wet Cleaning, (Green Cleaning). It is the safest method in garment cleaning, according to Wikipedia. Developed in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1991, wet cleaning was a new operation,, The process uses gentle washing machine, biodegradable soaps, and various types of pressing and reshaping methods. The most important ingredient is, of course, experience, together with knowledge about types of fabrics. The EPA gave wet cleaning its blessing. It is considered by experts to be the safest professional method of garment cleaning. The benefits are many. It does not use hazardous chemicals and emphasises not only clean air, but cleaner waste. While this may sound bewildering, in John’s expert hands, it is magic.

“My whites are even whiter, my favorite red blanket, now considered an antique, looks brand new after 50 years….”

My whites are even whiter, my favorite red blanket, now considered an antique, looks brand new after 50 years. The bright colors in a handmade white afghan, that I keep on my white wicker rocking chair, are brighter then they were before.

Speaking of white, this is a story I will never forget. It was a hot humid summer day, and I was heading back to the newsroom. I had a bottle of green Gatorade on the passenger seat, together with my beloved white shirt from Chico’s with all sorts of pockets and buttons. At a red right, I drank some juice and the bottle slipped from my hand and spilt all over my shirt. I ran to see John. He took a look at it and said he could fix it immediately. When I returned, there was my shirt, looking as good as new. I really couldn’t believe it. And I still have my favorite shirt some 10 years later.

Now, John’s busy starting a second store in Robbinsville, located at 2346 Route 33 West, Suite E-104. (609)208-2588. They deserve to be recognized as excellent examples of the classic American success story.

Great results! 100% reliable! Fantastic customer service! I am always last minute with all of my dry cleaning, another words maybe have one outfit left for work. They accommodate me and deliver it right to my door. Highly recommend!!! I have probably tried 5 different cleaners in the area. Wetcleanus surpasses them all for me.


I brought my rv curtains in to have 90k miles of highway grime removed. Robbinsville Cleaners brought them back to life. Clean. Beautifully pressed. Better than new. I’m impressed by their attention to detail and their personal professional approach. They are humbly proud of their great work. Quiet, confident, pleasant, smiling. This is a great family owned business. I trust them. Bring them your delicate, tired, gritty, important items. You’ll be glad you did. Cheers.

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John and his family not only run a professional and suburb cleaners, they are just a super family who put their customers first! This is a must use cleaners! I have been driving over ten miles back and forth to use them for almost 20 years and I have zero complaints. They also provide pick up/drop off service but I like to go myself many times just to say hi and to get my tailoring done as well. They are great!

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