Our Services

Professional Wet Cleaning

With several years of dry cleaning and nine years of wet cleaning experience under our belts, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle any challenge, when it comes to comforters, mattress toppers, or even the most delicate silk shirts. Want more detail? Click here!


Our seamstress has several decades of experience; from ordinary pant hems to complicated beading on a gown. There is very little that our seamstress cannot repair or do for your household items and intricately designed clothes. Click here to learn more!

Pickup and Delivery

Our business offers a free pickup and delivery service, which can be set up from the comfort of your home. Contactless and safe, we take all measures to keep your items cleaned and your personal information safe! Ready to set up service? Click here!

Commercial Cleaning

Our main location is equipped to handle hundreds of loads of clothes and household items, whether they be down filled California king sized comforters to an endless count of bed sheets, we are able to clean and press them with no issue. With competitive pricing and countless businesses already utilizing our services, we are the leading business in commercial cleaning!